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Moving prepaid recharge forward


Our purpose as a service providing company is to continuously innovate as well as upgrade the E-distribution channels nationwide and across the globe. We specialize in E-distribution channels for the pre-paid telecommunications market with the use of internet.


Manual distribution involves a huge operational and time consuming effort that is accompanied with major safety issues.
External partners are often involved for the printing and packaging before the distribution process can commence. Also the environmental aspect such as waste of used cards and their packing materials can be reduced to an absolute minimum.


Currently, most of the distribution for the pre-paid telecommunications channels are handled manually and the production of the physical cards are either centralized or decentralized. Founded in 2000, we commenced support and service to Vendors and Distributors in E-distribution which means that the providers can now focus more intensely on their core business. Our aim is to expand to a leading position in the E-distribution market and, along with our approach, we are able to optimally meet the needs and expectations of our partners and suppliers. With our platform we can offer over sixteen (16) years of experience in the distribution of Electronic Vouchers through our downloadable Application which is already fully operational in continental Europe.


Once your account application is confirmed you can download and install our application. You will now be able to log on to the EVA platform and benefit from electronic distribution. This, in combination with our thermal printer which prints logos and other relevant information such as service numbers, can also be supplied as an option. A wide range of other optional possibilities are available to print and match the exact content or the same information as the physical cards. The quantity of airtime vouchers, as well as the new uprising data bundle vouchers, will clog the current manual distribution channels by the ever growing demand. Today’s way of manual distribution will no longer be efficient enough in the near future to cover all remote areas. As a result, this will limit the possibility to explore and expand to new areas which, in turn, will increase the pre-paid base.

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We offer the most reliable and secure source for E-distribution with constant innovation to service the pre-paid telecom channels with airtime and data bundle vouchers.
A platform that provides excellent and equal service nationwide.


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