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10 most Frequently Asked Questions

Who are eligible to use the EVA application?

The platform is for Distributors & PoS (Point of Sale). However, any individual may use the platform.  Just enquire with your local distributor or PoS.

Is the EVA application safe to use for my business?

With over sixteen (16) years of experience in Europe we would like to think so but we are always looking ahead for further improvement

Is the EVA application user friendly?

We have tried our best to make the application as simple as possible. However, the application comes with a very detailed and handy manual that is self explanatory.

Does the EVA application require a lot of disk space?

No, the EVA application requires only 18.5 Mb of disk space.

Do I need a printer?

No, a printer is not necessarily required. EVA has capabilities to print to any screen too.

What printer(s) are compatible with the EVA application?

All Windows OS printers can be used to print from the EVA platform.

Can I integrate the software with my current cash register?

Yes, our software is build in a way that it can easily be integrated with your current cash register.

Can I sell/print my E-Vouchers from another location?

E-Vouchers can be printed from ANYWHERE just as long as you have an account with us and an internet access point.  Mobile printers will become available in the near future.

Can I create my own infrastructure from my existing customers?

Yes, EVA can offer complete autonomy to her clients for new customers, add existing customers or for your own complete infrastructure.

How can I become a distributor or a PoS?

On our website there is a contact form. Simply fill in your company details and when your account request is processed you can immediately benefit from our e-distribution platform.